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[ Sleep... Sleep.. That sounded so good right about now. After having been chased for who knows how long by an insistent and blood-thirsty shark, a nap sounded appealing. But where could he lay his head to rest in peace without the threat of that shark finding him again? It was only by chance he had managed to shake him off as it was, thanks to a sunken ship that had far too many corridors and tunnels within it. Haru barely made it out of there himself and he was not about to go back in and hole himself up in one of those rooms for a breather.

Besides. Air on the surface was much more refreshing than the water down below, and he could never turn down the warmth of the sun when it shone brightly upon the surface of the waves. So maybe he would just take a risk for a nap and find some comfortable rock to lay himself upon for a few hours to catch a little bit of sleep.

He knew of a place not too far from where he was, an outcrop in the shadow of a cliff where few humans ever ventured, and thankfully for him that shadow would not be a literal one during that hour of the day when the sun was high and left few shadows along the coast. It provided the perfect amount of cover, comfort, and warmth and he wouldn't even have to wait long to get there. Sounded like a plan, huh?

Without a moment more of hesitance, Haru headed off to his napping spot, coming upon that outcrop only several minutes later with no shark in sight. Blue eyes scanned over the choice of rocks that lay before him until he decided on a smooth, large rock that was coming out of the water at an angle, the slope facing the shore. It was the more riskier choice in terms of being seen from the shore, but he would be harder to spot from any predator coming from the deep blue. So up he dragged himself out of the water to pull himself up onto the surface of the rock, laying on his stomach with his head resting on crossed arms. Ah yes... here would be very comfortable.. And he dozed into a dream of the deep blue and a school of mackerel. ]

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